Lakewood Crossing at Hampshire HOA


What is the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)? The Architectural Review Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the architectural integrity and aesthetic value of the Lakewood Crossing at Hampshire neighborhood, as defined in our Covenants. Homeowners desiring to make any exterior modification, improvement or addition to their home or any other structure or improvement on your lot must obtain approval for the change. The Architectural Review Committee consists of members who review and evaluate each application.

Download Residential Improvement Review form for
Architectural Committee Approval here:

Why do we have architectural standards? Most likely, your largest investment is your home. When making exterior improvements, changes that are acceptable to one person may not be in the best interest of the community. Architectural standards help guarantee our community will continue to look good for many years to come, thus protecting your investment.

Why must I have my exterior projects approved? When purchasing your home, you signed a document agreeing to abide by the Lakewood Crossing at Hampshire HOA covenants and by-laws. The covenants require that before any changes are made to the exterior of the home written approval must be given by the ARC. This is not meant to suppress creativity or individual taste, but to ensure a harmonious transition between existing and new construction and all other exterior changes as outlined in our covenants. Having your projects approved beforehand will eliminate issues such as conflicts with neighbors, changes that could negatively affect home prices in our community and even monetary fines.  

How do I apply for approval for a project?

Step 1: Review the Architectural Guidelines as they pertain to the intended project.

Step 2: Complete the Architectural Improvement Application Here and provide detailed drawings or photos of the proposed project or contractor proposal. Include the type of materials to be used and sample colors if applicable. A copy of most recent plat of  survey showing location of proposed improvement/project. All information will need to be emailed to: or dropped into the Association mailbox at 2541 Ross St.

  •  If submitting a form for a fence, please note that the fence must be board on board constructed of unpainted/unstained natural cedar. Said fences shall be four (4) feet in height and shall confirm to the covenant guidelines regarding fences in Article 5, section 5.9 of the Declarations.
  • If installing hardy panel, brick, stucco or new roof, submit a color sample of all colors including colors of roof and any masonry on your home. 
  • If having an above-ground or in-ground pool installed, you must indicate what type of access you plan to use for trucks, equipment, etc. in order to reach your backyard. You or your contractor do not have permission to access your property via Association common areas.
  • Any damage to sidewalks, curbs, roads, grasses, and common grounds of Lakewood Crossing at Hampshire HOA will have to be restored to its current condition and will be the responsibility of the homeowner making this request.

Step 3: The ARC will review the Application to ensure that it is complete. If further information is needed, the homeowner will be notified of the necessary documents to complete the application. The process of review does not officially begin until the application process is complete.

  • NOTE: THIS APPROVAL IS FOR ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW PURPOSES ONLY. IT DOES NOT OVERRULE ANY LOCAL, STATE, OR FEDERAL GUILDELINES OR PERMITS REQUIRED FOR THE DESIRED CONSTRUCTION. It is the responsibility of the Homeowner/Contractor to secure all necessary permits from the Village of Hampshire and to comply with the Local Building Codes for setbacks from property lines, retention ponds, existing structures, easements, and safety requirements.. Only the homeowner of record may request architectural approval.

Step 4: If you have not received a decision within 30 days, your request should be considered to be denied. If you wish to appeal the results of the ARC decision, please contact the Property Manager at FirstService Residential within 30 days from the date of the decision at 847-683-7460. 

Modifications or Additions started without prior the approval of the Architectural Review Committee will be subject to a penalty fine of $500.00 or more, after notice and an opportunity for a hearing.