Leasing of Units

The Owner of a unit may rent or lease the entire unit, subject to the provisions of the Declaration and these Rules and Regulations.

If the unit is leased or rented, the Owner is responsible for payment of all assessments and other common expenses. The Owner is also responsible to inform any tenants and residents of the Declarations and these Rules and Regulations. Owners will be responsible for all violations incurred by their occupants and/or guests of the unit. Additionally, Owners shall be liable for any claim, damage or judgment entered as a result of the use or operation of the unit or caused by his or her own conduct.

A legible copy of a signed lease agreement shall be submitted to the Community Association. Within the signed lease agreement, there must be a Rider (Attachment A) document signed by the Owner and tenant specifying that they have read and agree to abide to Declarations and these Rules and Regulations.

Violations of the Declaration, By-Laws, or these Rules and Regulations may result in a fine, or in serious situations, eviction proceedings against the Owner and/or tenant. All fines, costs, and fees will be charged back to the Owner.

Tenants who repeatedly violate the rules and regulations of the Association may be subject to an Action in Forcible Entry and Detainer and be evicted from the unit.

If an Owner is found to be renting any unit in violation of the following Rules, they may be fined $100.00 per month until they are found to be in compliance.

In addition an administration fee of $250.00 will be charged for processing and managing leases.
Each new lease or renewal will be subject to this administration fee.

Declarations and Covenants

Article 15 - General provisions

15.7 Leases

Any lease or rental agreement affecting any Unit must be in writing, for a period of at least six (6) months, and shall be subject to these Covenants, and the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association.